Join the business leaders driving the energy transition

The three-day Global Power & Energy Leaders' Summit (17-19 Sep), at GPEX 2018, will address the theme of the energy transition, providing an in-depth and thought-provoking examination of the strategies, technologies and innovations shaping our energy future.

A defining meeting for power and energy policymakers, strategists and business leaders from across the entire value chain, you'll join the debate on the long-term change in the way that energy is produced, distributed and consumed.

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Enhancing the energy transition

The Summit (17-19 September) will look at the energy transition in terms of where we are today, what steps can be undertaken in the near-term and where we will be in the 2030-2050 timeline. Regulatory, legal and market design issues will be addressed across the energy chain – from generation, through the transmission and distribution system, to the end-user.

Attended by over 200 business leaders, and with participation from 50 high-level speakers from across the power and energy sector, the Summit will provide you with insights into the most exciting developments, projects, strategies and technological innovations the industry has to offer. As a delegate, you'll benefit from an opportunity to meet with new business partners and existing clients, during three days of high-level learning and corporate networking.

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Why attend?

Enjoy exceptional content from top industry names, who will tackle the industry's greatest challenges. As a delegate, you will:

  • Meet decision-makers from the largest European and International energy companies
  • Learn from experts about the latest developments in the sector
  • Explore enabling technologies and regulations for a cleaner energy mix
  • Network with new energy market entrants, and see how they fit in the larger picture of the energy transition
  • Identify the newest digital technologies that are shaping the industry of tomorrow
  • Understand the biggest trends in the industry including decentralisation, energy efficiency, the decarbonisation of the transport sector, and how gas and renewables can collaborate
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What's in-store?

Day 1 - Vision for the Energy Transition

Leaders from across the value chain will discuss the current state of the sector and how it will adapt to a changing global energy landscape.

  • Global Energy Outlook - The Road to 2050
  • Transitioning to a New Energy Landscape
  • Implementing Operational Smart Network

Day 2 - Financing the Future of Energy

Decision-makers across the finance, investment and energy industry will debate mechanisms to fund clean energy development, and new business models of the sector.

  • Distribution of Power - A Shift from Centralisation?
  • Gas & Renewables - Combining to Drive the Energy Transition
  • The Power & Energy System of Tomorrow

Day 3 - The Digitalisation Era

Experts in digital technologies and energy will discuss the role of disruptive technologies in the transition to a cleaner and more efficient energy system.

  • Where is the energy industry heading?
  • Digitalisation - Will Utilities be Virtual Ones in 20 Year?
  • Piecing Together the Emerging Technology Jigsaw
Who will I meet?

Senior-level business leaders, strategists, policymakers and government officials from the global power and energy sector, including:

  • Electric Utilities
  • TransmissionSystem Operators (TSOs)
  • Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
  • Generation Companies (GENCOs)
  • Gas Operators
  • Regulators
  • Energy Agencies
  • Energy Intensive Users
  • IPP's
  • Government
  • Investors & Financiers
  • Multilateral Banks
  • Consultants
  • Project Developers
  • Technology Providers