Global Power & Energy Exhibition (GPEX)

Global Power & Energy Exhibition (GPEX), taking place in Barcelona in September 2018, will showcase the strategies and technologies needed to adapt to the global energy transition.

GPEX will bring together the global power and energy community, including government, commercial and industrial power users, gas operators, power producers and distributors.

Why now? The transformation and decarbonisation of the global energy economy by 2040 will require significant efforts by governments and energy companies to achieve the goals of reducing emissions whilst maintaining a stable and secure supply of energy. Integrating greater amounts of energy from renewable sources in tandem with creating greater efficiencies from existing fuel sources in the energy mix, will require significant, yet essential, investment by power and transmission companies.

GPEX will provide a platform at which business and technical thought-leaders will address the commercial, regulatory, geopolitical and technical issues affecting the power and energy industry, and provide a meeting place for buyers and sellers to collaborate and do business.

Timely & Topical

GPEX - Why now?

  • Global power demand is set to grow by 58% between now and 2040
  • $10.2 trillion is to be invested in new power generation capacity worldwide to 2040
  • Wind and solar account for 48% of installed capacity and 34% of electricity generation worldwide by 2040
  • In Europe and the U.S., EVs account for 13% and 12% respectively of electricity generation by 2040
  • Global coal-fired power generation peaks in 2026
  • Gas in Europe will benefit from a wave of coal and nuclear retirements over the next decade
  • Although the world's power sector emissions will reach a peak by 2030, the rate of decline in emissions is not nearly enough to achieve global climate goals
Why attend?

What can your business gain from participation at GPEX?

  • Source viable solutions and expert advice on the challenges faced by your business
  • Secure meetings with key regional and international suppliers
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging trends and gain insights to grow your business
  • Test the latest products and discover cost-effective solutions to existing processes
  • Engage with your industry, locally and globally, and evaluate competing solutions across products
  • Connect with new suppliers, customers and partners
  • Hear from thought-leaders and enhance your knowledge and on-the-job effectiveness
We expect GPEX 2018 to be a vibrant event where meaningful discussions can be made around the key role of the power sector in the energy transition, and where a specific roadmap for this transition can be designed so that we can win the fight against climate change.
Jorge Barredo
President, UNEF
The accelerating energy transition coupled with electrification and digitalization will fundamentally disrupt the energy value chain across the world. Technological advances will drive cost-effective alternative sources of energy altering supply dynamics of the market, and electrification will significantly alter the distribution, trade and use of energy. We are excited to collaborate with GPEX on these important topics and look forward to connecting with senior leaders from both businesses and public sector institutions to define the path ahead.
Richard Forrest
Chairman , A.T. Kearney Energy Transition Institute
We believe that the world needs to go through an energy transition to prevent a very significant rise in global temperatures. And we need to be part of that solution in making it happen.
Ben van Veurden
CEO, Shell
We see clear winners for the next 25 years {within the energy mix} - natural gas, but especially wind and solar.
Fatih Birol
Executive Director, International Energy Agency
Our success depends on proving that renewables such as hydro, wind, and solar, boosted by digital technology, can scale to run the biggest economies and reach the most remote communities.
Jerome Pecresse
Chairman and CEO, GE Renewable Energy
Electricity will be the energy of the 21st century and the growth of gas and renewables is driving us to fully capture margins across the entire electricity value chain.
Patrick Pouyanné
Chairman and CEO, Total