The GPEX 2018 Advisory Committee

GPEX is proud to be endorsed by a 20-strong committee of senior experts, who, collaboratively, represent some of the most influential power and energy businesses in the world.

The Advisory Committee is an independent body, tasked with developing the summit agenda and topics, and supporting GPEX in securing the very best speakers, moderators and panellists.

The Advisory Committee comprises of senior representatives from advisory firms, industry associations, government and regulators, solutions providers, utilities, retailers and energy suppliers, and network operators.

Members include:

  • Assumpta Farran, Director, Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN), Government of Catalonia
  • Joan Josep Escobar, Head of Energy Management, Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN), Government of Catalonia
  • Olivier Bécle, CEO - Energy Division, Siemens Spain
  • Robert Navarro, Managing Director & CFO, Innogy, Spain
  • Antoni Cañete, Secretary General, PIMEC
  • Xavier Pons, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development, Nissan
  • Tomás Feliu, President, WeBatt Energia SL
  • Jordi Solé, Operations Manager, Ecrowd
  • Daniel Pérez, Legal Advisor, Holaluz
  • François Sonnet, Co-founder, ElectriCChain
  • Katharina Weiler, Managing Director, Enstroga
  • Santiago Blanco, Director and Area Manager Energy, DNV GL
  • Enrique Morgades, Technical Secretary, FutuRed
  • Junior Isles, Editor-in-Chief, The Energy Industry Times
  • Farah Cheaib, Innovation Assistant, Estabanell Energia
  • Dr. Romain DebarreManaging DirectorA.T. Kearney Energy Transition Institute
  • Mark Ossel, Member of the Board, OSGP
  • Elena González Sánchez, Director, ANESE
  • Pep Salas, FounderSmartGrid.Cat
  • Christian Erich Grutte, Energy Adviser, African Development Bank
  • Joaquim Palau, Catalonia Representative, UNEF Barcelona
  • Piet Holtrop, Partner, Holtrop
  • Xavier Farriols, President, Catalan Efficient Energy Clúster
  • Fernando Garcia Martinez, Technology Innovation Project Portfolio Manager, Gas Natural Fenosa

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At the 2018 Global Power and Energy Exhibition (GPEX) I am looking forward to coming away with some real results and discussions on where the energy industry is going. A lot of people talk about where we are heading and where we need to be, but I look forward to the discussion on how we will get there. As well as this, I look forward to industry players addressing where we will be in the next 20-30 years and how we can navigate any potential pitfalls. I will see you in Barcelona this September.
Junior Isles
Editor in Chief, The Energy Industry Times
It is time for the energy industry to work together. Historically, people from renewables, traditional sectors and politics were all on different tables, however, I think the most important thing right now is to mix and share the different approaches to be able to provide society a general agreement about the energy transition where everybody must be involved. The best contribution to energy transition is to provoke the debate and to reach an agreement from different segments and stakeholders into the market, which is why I look forward to GPEX 2018 in September.
Pep Salas
GPEX 2018 is not another international energy event, but it is the energy transition event. An energy transition process that is widely spread and advanced through an increasing number of countries around the world. I am fully convinced that GPEX will contribute to the global world energy transition process, and locally, it will give a strong momentum to a clean, sustainable and decentralized energy transition in Catalonia.
Assumpta Farran
Director, Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN) Government of Catalonia