Arij van Berkel
Research Director
Lux Research


Arij van Berkel joined Lux in the Amsterdam office in 2015 and currently oversees the Energy and Water Intelligence practices. He and his team provide strategic insights in the rapidly changing landscape of energy supply to mobility, residences and industry. Prior to joining Lux Research, Arij worked for Shell and TNO, the public research and technology organization of The Netherlands. At Shell, he conducted research into process safety and combustion. At TNO he worked on a variety of topics including food preservation, emission reduction and biomass conversion. Just before joining Lux, Arij held the position of Director Chemical Industry at TNO, responsible for all projects and interactions with the Dutch and EU governments related to the chemical industry. 

Arij holds an MSc. degree in mechanical engineering from Twente University and a Ph.D. from Eindhoven University.

Ari va Berkel is chairing the digitalisation day at the Global Power & Energy Leaders' Summit at GPEX 2018.

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Wed, 19th September 2018
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