Eloi Badia
Councellor for Energy & Water
Barcelona City Council


Eloi Badia, Councellor for Energy and Water, Barcelona City Council will be speaking at the Global Power & Energy Leaders Summit, at GPEX 2018. 

Eloi Badia is the councillor of Presidency, Water and Energy  and of the Gracia district from the Barcelona’s City Hall. Vicepresident of the Environmental Area of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Between 2007 and 2015 was the person in charge of the water campaign from Engineering without Borders (ESF), member of the Directive Board of the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Public Operators, member of the Advisor Board of the Global Water Operators Partnership Alliance from ONU-Hábitat. He has fostered a model change towards the common goods management in the associations Aigua és Vida, Xarxa per la sobirania energètica and the Aliança per la Pobresa Energètica.

He has also participated in cooperation projects in Argentina, Ecuador, India, Uruguay and Paraguay in order to assure the universal access to water and energy and to defend food sovereignty.

Eloi will speak on Day One, on Global Experiences of the Energy Transition.

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