H.E. Dr Rashid Alleem
Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA)


H. E Dr. Rashid Alleem is speaking at the Global Power & Energy Leaders' Summit at GPEX 2018.

Dr. Rashid Alleem

Recognized as one of the 100 most Influential CEOs in the Middle East, passionate writer, Environmentalist, sought-after thought leader, #1 CRITRAL Thinking proponent, and an internationally respected transformational leader.

Founder of Alleem Knowledge Centre, Dr. Alleem is a dynamic leader who has worked with prestigious Government, semi-government and nonprofit organizations. He is an entrepreneur par excellence with a flair in effective strategic decision making by means of innovative thinking.

 His newest book, The SEWA Way, is available now, in which he showcases the 15 winning principles, providing a roadmap for achieving success both on an organizational and personal scale in today’s complex world.

As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, presenter, and teacher, Dr. Rashid Alleem combines inspiration and humor with application and substance, delivering a compelling and practical message to audiences of 10 to 10,000 people, including some of the largest venues in the world.

Honorable Titles

  • Most sustainable 100 CEOs from World Sustainability
  • Inspirational Leader Award- 2017- Indian Human Welfare Org.
  • Ranked 3rd among the 25 most influential CEOs GCC
  • Lifetime Achievement Award- 2017- Indian Human Welfare Org.
  • Awarded Doctorate of Philosophy- People Forum of India
  • Social Sustainability through Innovation-2017- Indian Human Welfare Org.
  • The Ambassador of Peace & Happiness in the Arab World by VOK, 2017
  • Exemplary Leader in the UAE by Multinational Business Academy, 2017
  • Exemplary Leader in the UAE by New York Institute of Technology in Collaboration with Multinational Business Academy, 2017
  • The Knowledge Ambassador of UAE in 2015
  • Green Ambassador of  UAE in 2014
  • Golden Arrow Award in 2014
  • Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, Care and Relief in GCC Countries, Middle East and North Africa’ in 2014
  • Environmentalist of the year 2012 by Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
  • Global Champion of Climate Change in 2011
  • Maritime Personality for 2009 by Marine Biz TV
  • Celebrity of the Year by Khaleej Times newspaper IN 2008

Prestigious Awards

  • Award for excellence in energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission
  •  Friend of Singapore Sustainability Award , 2017
  • Golden Friends of India Award, 2017 by IBPC
  • 13th Middle East CEO Excellence Awards, 2016
  • Best Employer Brand in UAE in 2016
  • Award of Excellence’ by Daimler-Mercedes Benz in 2014
  • Global Economic Development Leadership Award in 2014
  • Certificate of Knight Award by ISO IN 2013
  • Arab Organization Award FOR CSR INITIATIVES IN 2013+
  • Middle East Business Leaders Awards IN 2012
  • Jewels of Muslim World Award IN 2012
  • League of Arab States IN 2007
  • Excellence in Leadership award  from ASSOCHAM in India IN 2008


  • Advisor of singapore World Water Council
  • Training & human Capital Development, Alleem Knowledge Center, by Middle East Business Leaders, 2012
  • Among the 100 UAE nationals to have contributed immensely to the happiness of UAE.
  • As a tribute to Dr. Alleem’s dexterous administrative acumen, The Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF) award 2008 honored Hamriyah Free Zone for its support and for recognizing best practices and promoting excellence.


  • I am committed to the 17 global goals
  • The SEWA Way
  • Sustainability- The Fourth Wave of Economy
  • My Green Journey in Hamriyah,
  • Inspirational Stories,
  • My Leadership Secrets
  • Is Success a Sin?
  • Successful Marketing Plan
  • The 13 Critical Traits of Team

H. E Dr. Rashid Alleem is speaking at the Global Power & Energy Leaders' Summit at GPEX 2018.

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