Luis Vale Cunha
Advisor to the CEO of EDP Distribuição & Chairman, EDSO for Smart Grids
EDP Distribuição


Luís Vale da Cunha is advisor to the CEO of EDP Distribuição and Chairman, EDSO for Smart Grids.

Luís Vale da Cunha has been working for the last years on the energy sector transformation process and on the role DSOs will need to play in order to lead the way forward.

Luís Vale da Cunha holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Oporto, a master degree in Information Management from the University of Aveiro, and a post-graduation in Management from AESE/IESE.

He spent the last two decades contributing to the evolution of the distribution business activities, being one of the early frontrunners in transforming the company towards the consumer-centric networks of the future, and a co-founder of the well-known and awarded Inovgrid initiative. For the last years he has been working as a senior adviser to the CEO, and also taking on responsibility for policy related activities at National and European level, relationship with key international stakeholders, innovation-driven and disruptive opportunities such as blockchain, and the overall business transformation.

Luis will be speaking on Implementing Smart Operational Networks, on Day 1 of the GPEX Conference.

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Mon, 17th September 2018
at 4:05pm