Michael John
Director Operations
The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS)


Michael John is the Director Operations at the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS). The mission of ENCS as a non-profit organization is to improve the resilience of European critical infrastructures. With his work at ENCS, Michael is fully committed to enhancing the utilities’ security and privacy landscape. Michael is leading topics for ENCS in the domain of Smart Metering, Electric Vehicle and Distribution Automation security.

Additionally, Michael is involved in the European Commission’s work on privacy, data protection and cyber security with in the Smart Grid environment. He is also engaged in several related work groups at Member State level in Europe.

Prior to this role at ENCS, Michael worked at one of the world’s leading Smart Meter manufacturers as a Solution Manager, where he was responsible for ensuring Smart Metering applications are secure by design and fully compliant with the latest EU standards.

Michael has a deep telecommunications and information security background. Michael holds an MSc in Computer Science.

Michael will be delivering a Cyber Security Masterclass, on Day 3 of the GPEX Conference.

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Wed, 19th September 2018
at 2:35pm