The company "Monitoring of valve and fitting" ( "MViF") has three main areas of activity:

Supply of components for controlling flow of gases and liquids. Primarily, this shut-off and control valves: valves, ball valves, check and relief valves, pressure regulators and flow; and related fittings, filters, fittings, piping, gauges, reservoirs, tanks, pipe fasteners, heaters, etc.

The equipment is designed for industrial enterprises, laboratories, research, sampling and analysis systems, instrumentation systems, medical, oil and gas industry, cryogenic applications and other purposes.

The wide product range allows our customers to solve complex design challenges and create reliable high-tech systems and equipment.

The equipment is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards in the US factories, South Korea, France, Germany, Great Britain and other countries.

Assembly production of standard products. Thanks to its own design and production departments, as well as access to the best import and Russian components, we manufacture products with unique consumer characteristics, many of which are import-substituting a more attractive price and delivery time. Ramps bit and filling, gas panels for OFS and technical gases, gasifiers, evaporators, cryogenic reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, gas and air booster pumps and liquid pneumatically, monoblocks, WFD and hoses.

Design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of traffic management systems of industrial gases and cryogenic liquids as well as separate units. We offer optimal schematics and a complete set of equipment, on the basis of technical specifications and customer requirements for cost, delivery time, service. The company has experience in the following papers: Industrial storing and dispensing system of the liquefied and gaseous nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide; centralized high purity gas supply systems in laboratory analytical instruments; The hydrocarbon sampling system; unique stands for university and research laboratories.

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