Tilman Tütken
Vice President, Head Region Europe, Sales Power Plants
MAN Energy Solutions


Dr. Tilman Tütken is responsible within MAN Energy Solutions for the sales of energy solutions including engines, turbines, storage and power plants for power generation customers in the region Europe. 

The sales region includes Russia and CIS. In addition, he is responsible for the global sales of emergency gensets for nuclear power plants. 

Dr. Tilman Tütken is working more than 12 years for MAN Energy Solutions and previously over 12 years for ABB in the power generation sector. 

He is also active in the VDMA the German Association of Machine and Plant Suppliers.

In his career, he was active in all regions of the world.  His background is a PhD in physics with a background in photovoltaic components.

He is living in Augsburg, Germany, at the headquarter of MAN Energy Solutions and the location where the Diesel engine had been invented. He believes that engines with their high efficiency and flexibility will play an increasing important role in the power generation as the perfect partner to the renewables. 

Dr. Tilman will be speaking on Distribution of Power - A Shift from Centralisation?, on Day 2 of the GPEX Conference.

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Tue, 18th September 2018
at 12:20pm